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Welcome to the continuing evolution of the Sentinel GPS product offerings. Now in their third generation, the newest 2015 Sentinel line of products continue to provide the indoor gardening and greenhouse industry with the most advanced features and highest quality manufacturing protocols available, thereby setting the standard by which all others are judged.

New for 2015 is the patent pending S.I.C.E. – Sentinel Intelligent CO2 Enrichment TM - features and controls. The Sentinel S.I.C.E. system allows a level of control previously unavailable to our industry. The Sentinel S.I.C.E. family of products provides for constant communication between your CO2 controller and your CO2 enrichment equipment. This means that rather than just providing On/Off control, the CHHC-4i continuously adjusts the output of your ICG-30 CO2 generator, maintaining precise CO2 levels regardless of the size of your garden, time of day, ventilation cycles etc. This means when CO2 levels are very low, the S.I.C.E. intelligence will increase the CO2 output, and when the growing area just needs “topped off”, the S.I.C.E. intelligence will run the CO2 enrichment equipment at a lower setting.

The Sentinel S.I.C.E. family of products also includes True Fuzzy Logic TM technology. This is the gold standard of CO2 control when used with CO2 regulators for bottle gas systems. Do not be confused with others who claim to use fuzzy logic technology that is really nothing more than an inferior PID control loop.

Also new to the S.I.C.E. family is a time clock based CO2 control system. Using a time clock based system versus a photocell allows for greater flexibility in your CO2 enrichment. Some university studies have shown that plant growth is increased by enriching CO2 levels 20-30 minutes after your lights have turned on. This allows for plant stomata’s to open and begin respiration prior to CO2 enrichment. The time clock based system also allows for CO2 enrichment to cease prior to the dark period, allowing plants to use up the elevated CO2 and saving costs on energy, CO2 and fuel in the process.

Our newly implemented Sentinel communication protocol allows for the remote sensor and communications connections between S.I.C.E. series CO2 controllers and S.I.C.E. series ICG-30 generators to be placed up to 150 feet (50m) from the base unit. This allows the base unit to be placed in an equipment room, or even a complete different building, providing flexibility to large and small gardens alike.

All Sentinel GPS products are now RoHS compliant. By following this strict manufacturing protocol, Sentinel GPS has decreased the amounts of hazardous substances that are prevalent in many electronics and plastics. This creates a safer product for your garden, a safer environment in our manufacturing facilities, and is a further example of Sentinel GPS’s dedication to leading by example for our industry.

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