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Cooling - Heating - Humidity & CO2 Controller

Comes with:

  • New quick-disconnect on remote combo sensor for temperature, humidity, CO2 and light level. The combination sensor can be placed 16 feet from unit.
  • There are 3 environmental conditions which must be controlled for productive indoor growing. The CHHC-4 makes it easy to accurately control your "atmosphere" inside the area.
    • Temperature: The CHHC-4 has 2 separate outputs to control cooling and heating.
    • Humidity: The CHHC-4 can either increase or decrease the amount of humidity inside the area.
    • CO2 PPM: The CHHC-4 controls carbon dioxide with Part-Per-Million accuracy
  • The user can set separate day and night settings for temperature and humidity. The CO2 is activiated only during the "day" and has several modes of operation.
  • Besides controlling your growing area, the on-board memory stores the highest and lowest measurements to verify proper conditions are maintained.
  • No complicated menus to negotiate... the simple pushbuttons and LED display makes it EASY! The CHHC-4 uses a simple "operator interface" to access the settings and to recall the minimum and maximum recorded readings for CO2 level, temperature and humidity.


  • Controlled with Part-Per-Million accuracy.
  • Bright GREEN LED display shows the Temperature, Humidity and CO2 levels
  • Fuzzy logic mode can be used with compressed CO2 for greater accuracy.
  • The CHHC-4 is an all-in-one environmental controller.
  • All functions can be controlled individually. You set both high and low temperatures for the Day and Night... the CHHC-4 figures out the rest.
  • It has multiple modes of operation.
  • Cooling devices such as ventilation fans or air-conditioners connect to the cooling device receptacle.
  • A separate humidifier or dehumidifier can have separate Day and Night settings and is connected to the humidity device receptacle.

How to use:

  • Connect your CO2 generator or compressed CO2 solenoid / regulator assembly to the CO2 receptacle

Power Input 100 to 265V~
Circuit Breaker Rating 15 amp @ 240V~
Receptacle Rating 15 amp @ 120V~
10 amp @ 240V~
Temperature +/- 1.5'F / 32 to 120'F
Humidity +/- 3%rH / 10 to 90%rH
CO2 PPM +/- 85PPM / 350 to 2500PPM/td>


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