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CHHC-4i Total Environmental Controller

CHHC-4I CO2 PPM, Humidity, Heating, Cooling with S.I.C.E.™ Intelligence

• Sentinel Standard CO2 Generator Function - While the Sentinel CHHC-4i has been designed with advanced communication and control componentry for ideal operation using the proprietary S.I.C.E. system, the CHHC-4i can work with any current and previous Sentinel brand CO2 generators as well as other manufacturer offerings. And the best part is you can always upgrade to a Sentinel ICG series S.I.C.E. generator in the future!

• Sentinel “True Fuzzy Logic” CO2 Operation for bottled CO2 - The Sentinel CHHC-4i has been designed with the most advanced “True Fuzzy Logic” programming and componentry for optimal use with CO2 regulator / bottled CO2 pairings. While many CO2 brands claim to use fuzzy logic, they are really using a less advance PID control loop design. Sentinel “True Fuzzy Logic” ensures the most precise control and enrichment levels available to bottled CO2 regulator users.

• Temperature Control Settings - The CHHC-4i can control both heating and cooling equipment with separate Day and Night settings for each device. Please exercise care to have the temperature settings for your heating and cooling devices staggered appropriately so they do not run simultaneously.

• Humidity Control Settings - The CHHC-4i can operate in EITHER rH decrease (dehumidification) or rH increase (humidification) modes. Select which mode is desired by pressing the “Humid Mode” button. Use the Up/Down buttons to scroll between the options.

• Remote Sensor is 15’ (5m) expandable up to 160’ (50m) accommodating a wider range of growing environments

• RoHS compliant construction for environmental friendliness

Input Power 110V-240V AC / 50-60Hz SINGLE PHASE ONLY
Circuit Breaker Rating 250V / 20A
Receptacle Rating: 15A @ 120V (USA / Canada) Country Specific @ 240V Single Phase
CO2 PPM Accuracy + / - 80PPM
CO2 PPM Range 350 - 2500PPM
Temperature Operating Range 32°F (o°C) - 120°F (49°C)
Temperature Accuracy + / - 1.5°F (1°C)
rH Operating Range 0 - 95% rH
rH Operating Range 0 - 95% rH
rH Accuracy + / - 2% rH
Remote Sensor Cable Length 16’ (5m) included
Optional to 160’ (50m)
CO2 Sensor Cable Length 16’ (5m) included
Optional to 160’ (50m)
Dimensions (main body) 9.3” (236mm) x 7.6” (194mm) x 3.4” (86mm)
Weight (with probe and cable) 4.1 lbs. (1.88kg)


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