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You are about to start using one of the most advanced and reliable hydroponics system available. The MEF-1 has been designed from the ground up to provide explosive growth and ease-of-operation, a very rare combination. The modular design of the MEF-1 growing "modules" allows users to determine the shape and size of their growing area. Users can start off small with a 6-plant setup, and then expand the system all the way to 48 grow "modules".

The heart of the system is our MEF-1 Smart Controller. What makes the MEF Controller so smart?

  1. 1. Full automatic function … set it and forget it.
  2. 2. Self-monitoring functions verify correct pump operation each cycle and will alert the user of any problems.
  3. 3. Integrated leak sensor and audible alarm ensures peace of mind. (Audio alarm can be disabled)
  4. 4. Water-safe low-voltage pumps provide high-flow and safety around water

If that is not enough to convince you:

  • The MEF-1 uses only 100% food-grade plastics and will not leach harmful chemicals.
  • Each growing module will drain 100% of the water, no more stagnant water or soggy roots.
  • The MEF-1 can also be used as a dripfeed or a drain to waste system.


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