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Sentinel MEF-1 Modular Ebb and Flow: One of the most advanced and reliable hydroponics system available. The MEF-1 has been designed from the ground up to provide explosive growth and ease-of-operation, a very rare combination. The modular design of the MEF-1 growing "modules" allows users to determine the shape and size of their growing area. Users can start off small with a 6-plant setup, and then expand the system all the way to 48 grow "modules".

If that is not enough to convince you:

  • The MEF uses only 100% food-grade plastics and will not leach harmful chemicals.
  • Each growing module will drain 100% of the water, no more stagnant water or soggy roots.
  • The MEF can also be used as a dripfeed or a drain to waste system.

Insist on using only Genuine Sentinel replacement parts!


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