Sentinel GPS


Power Expansion Module


  • Connect up to 15 amps @ 110-120 volts
  • Comes pre-wired and ready to use
  • Allows your controllers to operate larger amperage loads

How to use:

  • Main power cable connects directly to a standard 120 volt receptacle. Power from the main power circuit is what flows through the PXM receptacles.
  • Supplied 120 volt trigger cable connects to your controllers, timers etc. and turns the PXM-1 on or off.

Power input 110-120 V~ 60hz
Circuit breaker 15 amps @ 120V~
Receptacle rating 15-amps @ 120V~
Max HID watts 1200
Trigger input 110-120V~ 60hz AC
Trigger output 12 V~ DC


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